Rory Green


Hi! I'm Rory Green.

I'm a writer, editor and coder who lives and works on Gadigal land.


I write poetry and electronic literature about memory, place and media culture. In 2016 I took part in Express Media's inaugural Toolkits: Poetry program, and in 2019 I was selected for Running Dog's inaugural poetry micro-residency.

Here are some things I have written:

My current main writing project is Otherwise Pokedex, a Tinyletter I have been publishing since January 2017 with the aim to publish a poem for each of the 151 first generation Pokemon.

I also make zines! My infozines are free to download and distribute:


I'm currently available to read my work and facilitate workshops on a number of topics including: computer-facilitated writing, zine-making, creative constraints, and online communities. Email me if you've got a hookup!

Some past events I've been involved with include:

Arts work



Thank you to Rebecca-Marian Irene for taking the pics of me used on this site and Dan Urbanowicz for the site template.