Rory Green


Hi! I'm Rory Green.

I'm a writer, editor and digital media who lives and works on Wangal land.

My main creative practice revolves around interactive and generative digital poetry. My poetry generator forecast assemblage was a finalist in the 2022 Goolugatup Heathcote Digital Art Prize, and my collaborative generative poem Trace Garden was presented at the 2022 Cementa Art Festival.

Some of my other published work includes:

In 2022 my first print poetry chapbook, the attentions, was published by Puncher & Wattmann's Slow Loris imprint.

I love teaching and mentoring, particularly across areas of interactive and multimedia writing. For the past few years I've facilitated Toolkits: Digital Storytelling, and I've run workshops for Queensland Poetry, Writers SA, and Emerging Writers Festival among others.

I also have an ongoing writing project called Otherwise Pokedex, a Tinyletter I have been publishing since January 2017 with the aim to publish a poem for each of the 151 first generation Pokemon.

Finally, I also love making zines. My infozines are free to download and distribute:


I'm currently available to read my work and facilitate workshops on a number of topics including: computer-facilitated writing, zine-making, creative constraints, and online communities. Email me if you've got a hookup!

Some past events I've been involved with include:


Thank you to Rebecca-Marian Irene for taking the pics of me used on this site and Dan Urbanowicz for the site template.